Vectis Research has both the resources and technical skills to perform the demanding and innovative work we thrive on. Much of our hardware design consists of rapid prototyping and proof-of-concept design. Therefore, we have the internal capacity to assemble and test our own PCB assemblies. This not only supports rapid development, but also ensures that we can take the care and attention for specialized assembly procedures often required for RF/mixed-signal designs. Our expertise in RF and mixed signal hardware development requires specialized test instrumentation and laboratory support. Mixed signal designs also require specialized digital hardware for processing, control, and I/O. This is supported by our capacity to design and develop FPGA logic as well as software for embedded processors and micro controllers. At a higher-level, we design and code application software and user interfaces on a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Linux.

Software / FPGA Capability

Our skills in software and FPGA firmware development are supported with a robust internal IT infrastructure. We use the latest technologies in clustered server virtualization to internally host the many software tools used for CAD, CAM, simulation, FPGA design, and software development. Our server cluster also allows us test software deployments on a variety of different host and OS environments to ensure stability and performance.

Software Languages and Tools

  • Languages: C, C++, Objective C
  • Scripting: Octave, Matlab, AppleScript
  • Tools: Xcode, MS Visual Studio, MPLab-X, gcc, make
  • Operating Systems: MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD

CAD and EDA Tools

  • CAD Tools: Omnigraffle, AutoCAD
  • EDA Tools: Eagle Schematic Capture and PCB Layout
  • Tools: QUCS, spice

FPGA and Firmware Development

  • FPGA Families: Altera, Xilinx, QuickLogic
  • Microcontrollers/processors: PIC, Arm, Atmel
  • Tools: Quartus II, ISE Suite, Icarus Verilog, gcc cross compiler, MPLab-X

Laboratory Capability

Vectis Research has a fully equipped engineering laboratory and in-house capability to build and assemble prototype and low volume sub-assemblies. Laboratory test equipment includes microwave (up to 26.5 GHz) spectrum and vector network analyzers, signal generators, pulse and video modulators, GS/s multi-channel oscilloscopes, and various other supporting test instruments and test mainframes. Most instruments are linked to dedicated laboratory PC workstations via GPIB to perform automated measurement and acquisition.

RF Test Instruments

HP 71910A

Stacks Image 1003

Spectrum Analyzer / Receiver

Frequency range: 100 Hz – 26.5 GHz
Tuning resolution: 1 Hz
IF BW: 10 Hz to 100 MHz
Video: AM, FM, I/Q

HP 8595A

Stacks Image 1044

Spectrum Analyzer

Frequency range: 9 kHz – 6.5 GHz
Res BW: 300 Hz to 3 MHz
Amplitude range: -115 to +30 dBm

Advantest R3765B

Stacks Image 1081

Vector Network Analyzer

Frequency range: 40 MHz – 3.8 GHz
Tuning resolution: 1 Hz
Power resolution: 0.01 dB
Dynamic range: 100 dB

Gigatronics 8542B

Stacks Image 1937

Power Meter

Frequency range: 10 MHz – 18.0 GHz
Display resolution: 1 dB – 0.001 dB
Power range: -70 dBm – +47 dBm

Racal 1999C

Stacks Image 1982

Frequency Counter

Frequency range: 10 Hz – 2.6 GHz
Measurement resolution: 3 – 10 digits

HP 5345A

Stacks Image 2027

Frequency Counter

Frequency range: 200 Hz – 500 MHz
Measurement resolution: 11 digits

RF Sources

Gigatronics GT9000

Stacks Image 1172


Frequency range: 0.5 – 20.0 GHz
Tuning resolution: 1 Hz
Modulation: AM, FM, pulse

HP 8672A

Stacks Image 1217


Frequency range: 2.0 – 18.0 GHz
Tuning resolution: 1 kHz
Output power: -120 – +8 dBm

HP 8620C

Stacks Image 1262


Frequency range: 2.0 – 18.0 GHz
Sweep time: >10 ms
Output power: +13 dBm

HP 3320B

Stacks Image 1307


Frequency range: 0.01 Hz – 13.0 MHz
Output power: -67 – +27 dBm, 0.01 dB res.

Anritsu MG3601A

Stacks Image 1352


Frequency range: 0.1 – 1040 MHz
Tuning resolution: 10 Hz
Output power: -133 – +13 dBm

New Wave LRS-100

Stacks Image 1397

Spread Spectrum Generator

Clock range: 1 Hz – 25 MHz
Code types: BPSK, QPSK, SQPSK, Gold, JPL, syncopated

HP 3312A

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Function Generator

Frequency range: 0.1 Hz – 13 MHz
Waveforms: sine, triangle, square, ramp, pulse, sweep

Time Domain Instruments

HP 54540C

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2 GS/s 4 channel sampling oscilloscope

Channels: 4x
Sampling rate: 2 GS/s

Agilent 54622D

Stacks Image 1810

Mixed Signal Oscilloscope / Logic Analysis

Channels: 2x + 16 digital
Bandwidth: 100 MHz

HP 8012B

Stacks Image 1821

Pulse Generator

Pulsewidth: 10 ns – 1 s
Repetition rate: 1 Hz – 50 MHz

Laboratory Support

National Instruments PXI-1033

PXI / CompactPCI chassis (MXI-PCI-express)

Arbiter Systems 1062A

Environmental Monitor / Data logger

Altera USB Blaster

Altera FPGA Programmer / Debugger

Microchip PICKit 3

PIC Microcontroller Programmer / Debugger

Metcal MX-500P

SMD soldering/rework station

Xytronic LF-852D

SMD rework station / hot-air reflow

Xytronic LF-880D

Solder / de-solder station

Cyber Scientific

Trinocular 3.5–90x boom microscope